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The LS-R700 Standard model air leak test tool which is easy to use and very efficient.

Increase display efficiency with a color screen. As well as displaying various functions functions with icons to facilitate understanding We have a display of all 3 types of measurements so that it can be easily switched according to operating conditions. It can also be displayed in Japanese English and Chinese Therefore is considered a Leak tester which can be used throughout the world, starting from Thailand

Special features and functions

● Display the main menu screen with an icon
The menu screen is easy to understand by displaying an icon. There is also a program key display or manual (M) / Remote (R) control mode for easy understanding. In addition, language can be easily switched from this screen.

● Can change the display up to 3 types of measurements
Any type of regulatory information and information needed can be retrieved from this screen. The standard screen shows the number of leaks used for simple measurements. In addition, we also provide a screen display with other graphics, which you can switch according to the conditions of use.

● A screen for each type of setting
This is the menu screen for settings related to Leakage tester. You can choose the topics needed to set, copy, or use a USB port to download settings.

● Show an explanation in the Guide bar.
The blue bar at the bottom of the screen is the Guidance bar that shows a description of the topic you want to choose, allowing you to control the operation yourself without having to open the instruction manual.
● Because of its compact size, there is no need to choose an installation space
The engine has a compact size at W195 × H250.2 × D304.7mm Not just a small size All the functions required from the Leak tester have been installed, starting with the smart air circuit.

● Use the Phoenix contact to connect to the Input-Output connector.
Use the connector manufactured by the Phoenix contact to connect to the Input-Output connector, this type of connector is very reliable and can be screwed directly to a screwdriver, thereby increasing work efficiency.

● Switch display in 3 languages
Being able to choose in Japanese, English and Chinese makes it easy to use abroad.

● Easy data collection with a USB port
Measurement data can be stored in USB memory, including backup settings in USB memory as well.
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